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Adding items
Adding items to your 'helpbot store' list is easy and done entirely ingame.

First you need to join the 'helpstore' channel by using the following command:
/tell helpbot store join

You can now simply add your items by posting them in the 'helpstore' channel.

[Helpstore] User has joined the channel
[Helpstore] User: Combined Awesomeness Kyr'Ozch Epeen OFAB Improved Candy

Once you're done ingame, visit this web page and use the form above.
Adding a price
You can include a price for your items in the generated shopping list. Doing so, is easy.

Instead of simply posting all your items in the 'helpstore' channel, do it as following:
Post 1 item per message and simply type your desired price after the item and hit 'enter'.

[Helpstore] User: Combined Awesomeness 10mil
[Helpstore] User: Kyr'Ozch Epeen 50k
[Helpstore] User: OFAB Improved Candy 2bil
Clearing your items list
Before creating a new 'helpbot store' list, you need to clear out all previous entries.

You can do this with the following command:
/tell helpbot store clear

After 14 days, all items still in your store will be removed automatically.