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Templates 48 9 -
Icons 12 - -
Textures 40 1 -
Itemsbot is an in-game chatbot providing a quick way of looking up items. Just send a tell to Itemsbot with a partial item name and he'll show you the items!

Advanced usage instructions and examples can be found on Itemsbot's page.
Helpbot Store
A service to easily generate lists of items, for example for a "Want to Sell" forum post, or telling your org which twinking items you have. The service is powered by the in-game chatbot named "Helpbot".

Instructions for use can be found in the Helpbot Store.

18.8.2 and some minor improvements! 2015-07-10

Database updated to AO version 18.8.2.

General Improvements
  • Homepage now has information about Helpbot Store and Itemsbot.
  • Added icons to the Search fields and Tools menu.
  • Performance and reliability improvements.
Nano Module
  • Swapped order of the MC and TS stats in the filter form and tables, in order to reflect ingame skills UI.
DeRP Toolchain
  • Fixed about 10 incorrect item interpolations, which were caused by some odd item changes in patch 18.7.0.
RDB Statistics
Template Type # Templates # Template Criteria # Spells # Spell Criteria
Armor 11,934 56,375 111,125 39,886
Implant 45,464 223,157 134,451 95
Misc 37,675 67,102 59,468 41,832
Monster 4,785 705 19,203 1,307
MonsterWeapon 6,458 19 9,243 0
Nano 9,773 27,942 37,236 15,107
Shop 728 377 8 42
Spirit 809 7,274 3,515 1
Tower 285 1,612 1,710 0
Utility 1,938 12,917 7,753 843
Weapon 10,850 59,588 32,201 2,149
Total 130,699 457,068 415,913 101,262

18.8.0 and some bugfixes 2015-06-27

Database updated to AO version 18.8.0. Several bugs fixed.

General Improvements
  • Many comparisons which used magic strings now use constants instead. Should reduce likelyhood of bugs.
  • Code is now uniformly formatted & cleaned up even more. Should improve maintainability.
  • QuickSearch suggested results list should now show above all other elements as intended.
Search Module
  • Fixed issue which made it impossible to search by attack / defense skills
  • The 'Criteria' search filter now also considers bitwise operators (flags; example: Expansion)
Item Module
  • ProcBy Widget: Now also considers the legacy proc system, as used by nanos like Dreadbringer.

Code Restructure and Many Bugfixes 2015-06-17

This update lays the groundwork for the upcoming AOItems Public API, involving a complete restructure of the backend source code. The code is now more maintainable. There may be some more bugs lurking around, if you notice any, please let me know!

Recent improvements
General Improvements
  • Removed a lot of dead/obsolete/unused code
  • Due to performance issues, TableSorter is no longer automatically enabled for relevant tables. Instead, the user have to click anywhere in the table before it's sortable. This is a temporary workaround.
  • Improved automatic error reporting
  • Many fixes to make bootlint happy, and to fix several display artefacts.
History Module
  • Fixed bug which prevented proper backend caching of the patch summary information.
  • Pagination should now be more user-friendly. The code is also more maintainable now.
  • Patch History now has a more visible link for detailed information about the most recent patch.
Home Module
  • Now knows to highlight the most recent news entry
  • Gained a new table with general statistics about the current state of the AO Resource Database
Item Module
  • DebugWidget
    • Now informs whether an item exists on Auno, and if it does, whether it's up to date or not.
    • Javascript now use 'sessionStorage' to remember the state of the checkboxes for the current session, in browsers that support this.
  • Improved criteria formats for the following operators:
    • [Not]RunningNano[Line]Operator
    • Item[Not]WornOperator
    • Several more which inherited improvements from internal API changes
  • UploadedByWidget now has hover/title text on each link.
  • Added an easter-egg for certain invalid URL schemes. ;)
Nano Module
  • Fixed a missing cache-header which made browsers not use local cache optimally.
  • Fixed a bug which made some professions nanolistings be generated from scratch every time.
  • Uncategorized (orphan) nano programs are once again located at the bottom of the page.
  • Main grouping names should be more uniform now.
  • Adventurer Nanolisting
    • Team and Target Heals now show properly
    • Morph heals are displayed again
    • Taunt and AoE Taunt DoT are displayed again
  • Doctor's target heals are now grouped similar to how they are treated by the game.
  • Removed not-ingame nanos and as-of-18.7-empty tables from Bureaucrat nano listings.

New landing page! 2015-06-11

Welcome to the new landing page! Here, you can easily search for items, see a summary of the latest patch, and have quick access to common tools. This news section will attempt to summarize changes since last news entry, but will probably not be complete.
AOItems Database updated to AO Patch 18.7.4.

Recent improvements
Search Module
  • Fixed a bug where searching for "effect not present" didn't work.
  • Added more properties to the search form.
  • Item types Implant and Spirit now have appropriate sub-types.
  • The filters for Faction, Breed, Gender, and Profession have been improved.
    • If you search for Breed = Atrox and don't tick the 'Only' checkbox, items which require 'Atrox' will be shown, as well as items which do not require a breed.
    • If you search for Breed = Atrox and DO tick the 'Only' checkbox, only items which explicitly require 'Atrox' will be shown.
  • It is once again possible to exclude name matches by prefixing them with a minus sign. Example: superior peren -sniper.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes made the same template appear more than once if it matched several criteria.
Item Module
  • Fixed a bug with the interpolation widget which made the template dropdown element not automatically select the currently viewed template.
  • Improved UX of the Related Links module.
  • Nanoprograms which have cooldown for several nano lines will now have proper time formatting for all of them.
  • Fixed a bug which made the 'In Criteria Of' widget never show.
Nano Module
  • Nanos requireing NanoDeck are no longer incorrectly tagged as requireing the Lost Eden booster pack.
DeRP Toolchain
  • Added smarter filters for detecting monster items, which made the amount of current items tagged as such increase from 6.384 to 7.829 (+1.445).
  • Added new cluster definitions so that the affected items interpolate properly.
    • Nano Star Pistol / 'Nano Master Pistol
    • Gun of the Gifted / Gun of the Genius
    • MTI F-88 Cineration

New design! 2015-06-01

Recent improvements
  • New, responsive design! Check it out on your phone or tablet. :)
  • Improved item search! You can now look for items using advanced filters, not too unlike that available at other item sites. Try it out!
  • Nano Listings got an overhaul, and now let you filter them based on character skills, expansions, etc.
  • Many bug fixes. ;)