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Description Nanobots help to totally focus the agent's concentration on a single task. During this moment of absolute concentration, the agent will almost always perform a critical hit when attacking. Maintaining such intense concentration even for a brief period of time is mentally very draining. Such a feat can only be performed once every 2 minutes.

NCU 44
NanoPoints 444
Duration 14.00s
Range 1m
Stacking 200
Attack 0s
Atk Cap -
Recharge 0s
Chance of Break
Attack -
Debuff -
Spell Attack -
Stacking Lines
Line Cooldown
[Mdb:2009]Concentration Critical Line240 2m
Stat Value
None0 [F:NanoNoneFlag] IsBuff, NoTimerNotify589824
Duration8 14.00s1400
Can30 [F:CanFlag] ApplyOnSelf8388608
Level54 44
NanoStrain75 [Mdb:2009]Concentration Critical Line240
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 300563
DefaultSlot88 0
EffectIcon183 300562
RechargeDelay210 0s0
AttackRange287 1%
AttackDelay294 0s0
Slot298 0
HitEffectType361 43552
GatherEffectType366 49999
NanoSchool405 [E:NanoSchool]Psi4
NanoPoints407 444
EffectType413 49999
TracerEffectType419 45512
CastEffectType428 46122
StackingOrder551 200
CooldownTime1643 2m12000
Use3 Criteria
[Stat]Bio Metamor128 >=2 666
[Stat]Sensory Impr122 >=2 666
[Stat]Psycho Modi129 >=2 666
[Stat]Profession60 ==0 [E:Profession]Agent5
Use0 Effect
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add All Off.276 50
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Proj. Dam.278 300
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Melee Dam.279 300
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Energy Dam.280 300
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Chem. Dam.281 300
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Rad. Dam.282 300
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Cold Dam.311 300
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Fire Dam.316 300
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Poison Dam.317 300
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]CriticalIncrease379 200%
User2 [spell:53057:4](auto)Float text: Concentration