Description This series of nano programs was originally created by an agent going by the name 'The Executioner'. These nano programs augment the damage of the agent and also provide a minor boost to the rifle, aimed shot and concealment skills. They can function at the same time as the other series of agent damage enhanement nano programs.

NCU 28
NanoPoints 594
Duration 4h
Range 1m
Stacking 5
Attack 2.39s
Atk Cap -
Recharge 2.00s
Chance of Break
Attack -
Debuff -
Spell Attack -
Stacking Lines
Line Cooldown
[Mdb:2009]Executioner Buff242 -
Attack Skills
[Stat]Sensory Impr122 50%
[Stat]Matt.Metam127 50%
Defense Skills
[Stat]Nano Resist168 0%
Stat Value
None0 [F:NanoNoneFlag] IsBuff65536
Duration8 4h1440000
Can30 Flag CanFlag:0
Level54 28
NanoStrain75 [Mdb:2009]Executioner Buff242
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 117896
DefaultSlot88 0
EffectIcon183 117699
RechargeDelay210 2.00s200
AttackRange287 1%
AttackDelay294 2.39s239
Slot298 0
HitEffectType361 43006
GatherEffectType366 49999
NanoSchool405 [E:NanoSchool]Space5
NanoPoints407 594
EffectType413 1100
TracerEffectType419 45535
CastEffectType428 46126
StackingOrder551 5
Use3 Criteria
[Stat]Matt.Metam127 >=2 859
[Stat]Sensory Impr122 >=2 775
[Stat]Profession60 ==0 [E:Profession]Agent5
Use0 Effect
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Proj. Dam.278 38
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Melee Dam.279 38
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Energy Dam.280 38
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Chem. Dam.281 38
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Rad. Dam.282 38
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Cold Dam.311 38
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Fire Dam.316 38
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Add. Poison Dam.317 38
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Rifle113 7
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Aimed Shot151 10
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Concealment164 8
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