Description A sophisticated piece of Spirit-Tech first-aid machinery. Target yourself or a friend and use this item. The benefit of First-Aid equipment is that it can be used during battle! NOTE: You cannot First-Aid anyone for a brief period after previous use. This gives you some health and nano points back. Spirit-Tech is the name given to the weird and mystical pieces of Ancient Technology found in the Shadowlands. All of the Spirit-Tech items are based on blueprints of technology found by the Jobe scientists.

Stat Value
None0 [F:ItemNoneFlag] Visible, ModifiedDescription, UseEmptyDestruct, HasEnergy, NoDrop, Unique, DisableStatelCollision-1941960701
Mass2 20
Mesh12 9013
Can30 [F:CanFlag] Carry, Use, Consume, Stackable, ApplyOnFriendly2097705
Level54 1
Value74 0
ValueNonLinear-74 0
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 218754
DefaultSlot88 1
MaxEnergy212 300
AttackRange287 3%
AttackDelay294 0.02s2
Slot298 0
Use3 Criteria
[Stat]ExpansionPlayfield531 is22 [E:ExpansionPlayfield]Shadowlands1
[Stat]SelectedTargetType397 is22 not42 [F:TargetTypeFlag] Monster16
[Stat]First Aid123 >=2 6
Use0 Effect
Target3 [spell:53002:4/792156]Hit [Stat]Nano Points214 for +3 to +5. 2 times, once every 2.00s.
Target3 [spell:53002:4/792157]Heal27 for 3 to 5. 2 times, once every 2.00s.
Target3 [spell:53030:4](def.)GfxEffect [n:Effect t:2 i:0]13600 [n:B t:1 i:0]100 [n:C t:1 i:0]100 [n:D t:1 i:0]255 [n:E t:1 i:0]255 [n:F t:1 i:0]255 [n:G t:1 i:0]255
User2 [spell:53033:4](auto)Lock skill [Stat]First Aid123 for 40.00s40.
Activate10 Effect
Self1 [spell:53028:4](def.)AddSkill [n:Amount t:1 i:0]3 [n:Skill t:111 i:0][Stat]First Aid123 [n:C t:1 i:0]1

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