Description This tightly tied bundle of three Stingers is so fresh, the fish are still alive. They are still gasping and squirm around forcefully, trying to nip your hand and fingers. Certainly not something you want to carry around, not only because of their razor-sharp teeth, but also because they'll start to smell after a while.

Stat Value
None0 [F:ItemNoneFlag] Visible, HasMultipleCount, NoDrop, Unique, DisableStatelCollision-1946157023
Mass2 200
Mesh12 20418
Can30 [F:CanFlag] Carry, Use9
Level54 1
Value74 1000
ValueNonLinear-74 1000
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 268375
DefaultSlot88 9
Slot298 0

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