Description Creature Status: Deceaced Location: Unknown Location Encrypted Data: 56-QIT-JUL-4523-IIOM-43LR-98LK-0000-10-0010-5674-RL34-4365-22PY52-0010 Scarlett Dalquist, JOBE Field Researcher DOJA Dept.

Stat Value
None0 [F:ItemNoneFlag] Visible, HasMultipleCount, NoDrop, Unique201326625
Mass2 9999
Mesh12 281943
Can30 [F:CanFlag] Carry, Use9
Level54 1
Value74 1
ValueNonLinear-74 1
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 282143
DefaultSlot88 0
AttackDelay294 3.00s300
Slot298 0
Use0 Effect
User2 [spell:53057:4](auto)Float text: zap!
User2 [spell:53044:4/916697]System text: You've already turned in a DOJA chip today.
0Self19 117Has quest: O8Y71329092919 Or3
0Self19 117Has quest: X43G1479816007
User2 [spell:53226:4](auto)Spawn quest K3YB.
1 Not42
2Self19 117Has quest: O8Y71329092919 Or3
2Self19 117Has quest: X43G1479816007 Or3
2Self19 117Has quest: K3YB1261656386
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