Description At the end of thy tenth hundredth winter... the sun is more unseen and more spotted; the year, month, and day are shorter; and the earth is more barren; and the crop will not yield the seed; and men become more deceitful and more given to vile practices.

NCU 999
NanoPoints 0
Duration 0.60s
Range 5m
Stacking 1
Attack 0.01s
Atk Cap -
Recharge 0.01s
Chance of Break
Attack -
Debuff -
Spell Attack -
Stacking Lines
Line Cooldown
[Mdb:2009]Mdb:2009:960960 -
Stat Value
None0 [F:NanoNoneFlag] NotRemovable, IsHostile, IsDebuff180224
Duration8 0.60s60
Can30 Flag CanFlag:0
Level54 999
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
DefaultSlot88 0
EffectIcon183 84072
RechargeDelay210 0.01s1
AttackRange287 5%
AttackDelay294 0.01s1
Slot298 0
HitEffectType361 49999
GatherEffectType366 49999
NanoSchool405 [E:NanoSchool]Space5
NanoPoints407 0
TracerEffectType419 49999
CastEffectType428 49999
StackingLine2546 [Mdb:2009]Mdb:2009:960960
StackingOrder551 1
Use0 Effect
Self1 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Melee. Init.118 -2000
Self1 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Ranged. Init.119 -2000
Self1 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Physic. Init120 -2000
Self1 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]NanoC. Init.149 -2000
Terminate20 Effect
Self1 [spell:53051:4](auto)Cast The Thousandth Winter: Thaw289786.
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