Description This interesting item contains the template information for a ring, as well as all needed materials and ingredients to construct the final, wearable item. What it is lacking, though, is a ring shape to form around. Perhaps you could find one in the tradeskill section of your local market?

Stat Value
None0 [F:ItemNoneFlag] Visible, TellCollision, NoSelectionIndicator, Stationary, Repulsive, HasAnimation, DisableStatelCollision-2147338751
Mass2 5000
Mesh12 9013
Can30 [F:CanFlag] Use8
Level54 250
Value74 1600000
ValueNonLinear-74 1600000
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 245483
DefaultSlot88 0
EquipDelay211 0.10s10
Slot298 0

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