Description An experimental nano crystal that is able to support multiple programs. Use it and upload a series of programs.

Stat Value
None0 [F:ItemNoneFlag] Visible, ModifiedDescription, TellCollision, HasEnergy, NoDrop, DisableStatelCollision-2076179965
Mass2 100
Mesh12 205017
Energy26 1
Can30 [F:CanFlag] Carry, Use, Consume41
Level54 215
Value74 0
ValueNonLinear-74 0
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 12223
DefaultSlot88 0
Slot298 0
Use3 Criteria
[Stat]Profession60 ==0 [E:Profession]Enforcer9
[Stat]Level54 >=2 215
Use0 Effect
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Thug's Delight43371.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Mongo Slam!100198.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Avenging Shield55741.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Failing Impregnability117686.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Mighty Challenger to Behemoth49759.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Element of Flame222693.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Element of Ice222706.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Element of Corrosion222915.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Element of Poison222917.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Coruscating Screen55751.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Call of the Maelstorm203215.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Vlad's Revenge202858.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Hatebringer226278.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Fervor of the Zealot210331.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Mongo's Gargantua223107.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Mongo's Colossus223109.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Essence of Behemoth95708.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Physical Dominance29649.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Brutal Thug29630.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Calling of Thor202846.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Rampage of Juggernaut202856.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Rampage of the Berserker202818.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Skill of the Guillotine202838.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Infernal Rage100254.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Prodigious Strength29652.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Dominate Foe121135.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Mongo Break!301291.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Belligerent Stance223119.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Rancorous Enmity223121.
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