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Description An experimental nano crystal that is able to support multiple programs. Use it and upload a series of programs.

Stat Value
None0 [F:ItemNoneFlag] Visible, ModifiedDescription, TellCollision, HasEnergy, NoDrop, DisableStatelCollision-2076179965
Mass2 100
Mesh12 205017
Energy26 1
Can30 [F:CanFlag] Carry, Use, Consume41
Level54 200
Value74 0
ValueNonLinear-74 0
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 12223
DefaultSlot88 0
Slot298 0
Use3 Criteria
[Stat]Profession60 ==0 [E:Profession]Soldier1
[Stat]Level54 >=2 200
Use0 Effect
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Body Boost29091.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Partial Deflection Shield70320.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Automatic Targeting29222.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Perfected Absorption Shield75403.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Heavy Assault Absorption Shield75401.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Assault Rifle Mastery29220.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Art of Peace203119.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Riot Control29251.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Heighten Fight (Team)223191.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Boost Fight (Team)223193.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Helepolis of the Besieger29232.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Survivor's Resilience95693.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Battlefield Endurance95697.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Artillery Fire223223.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Canonry Fire223225.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Attack Booster29221.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Offensive Steamroller29240.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Precognition29247.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Pistol Mastery29246.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Ranged Energy Weapon Mastery29230.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Empowered Minor Reflective Field233045.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Empowered Lesser Reflective Field233047.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Empowered Reflective Field233049.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Total Mirror Shield Mk IX70305.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Total Mirror Shield Mk X70300.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Augmented Mirror Shield MK I223229.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Greater Reflective Field (Extended)70333.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Major Reflective Field (Extended)70325.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Reactive Reflective Field (Extended)70311.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Rifle Mastery29250.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Metal Storm203143.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Metal Strike203141.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Metal Barrage203139.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Crowd Disperser203125.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Total Focus29255.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Don't Fear the Reaper29241.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Bypass Me223211.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Only You, Only Me29242.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Casual Insult229094.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Annoying Insult229096.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Phalanx29245.

Auno has the most recent version of this item.