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Description An experimental nano crystal that is able to support multiple programs. Use it and upload a series of programs.

Stat Value
None0 [F:ItemNoneFlag] Visible, ModifiedDescription, TellCollision, HasEnergy, NoDrop, DisableStatelCollision-2076179965
Mass2 100
Mesh12 205017
Energy26 1
Can30 [F:CanFlag] Carry, Use, Consume41
Level54 60
Value74 0
ValueNonLinear-74 0
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 12223
DefaultSlot88 0
Slot298 0
Use3 Criteria
[Stat]Profession60 ==0 [E:Profession]Trader7
[Stat]Level54 >=2 60
Use0 Effect
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Weak Health Funnel76742.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Apprentice: Electrical Engineering30753.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Apprentice: Field Quantum Physics30707.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Apprentice: Mechanical Engineering30708.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Apprentice: Pharmaceuticals29101.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Apprentice: Weapon Smithing29100.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Writ of Mobility203784.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Hired Hands81928.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Riding Shotgun30747.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Balanced Striker30713.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Refresh Outfit (Team)223241.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Umbral Wrangler (Patchy)235271.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Umbral Wrangler (Minor)235273.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Frequent Customer30720.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Distracting Baubles100437.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Trinkets and Toys100436.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Profiteer's Grip56233.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Embrace of Greed56232.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Sticky Ground30748.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Weak Health Freeloader76691.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Minor Health Freeloader76684.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Average Health Freeloader76681.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Extended Line of Credit99614.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Shady Acquisition99606.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Blackmail Notum223243.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Deprive Skills (Major)85862.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Deprive Skills (Advanced)85860.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Ransack Skills85863.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Ransack Skills (Major)85861.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Successful Health Haggler121506.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Skill Wrangler Lesser121340.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Skill Wrangler (Inferior)121341.
User2 [spell:53019:4](auto)Upload Team Skill Wrangler (Lossy)121325.

Auno has the most recent version of this item.