Description Your mind is slowly filled with thoughts and impulses that are not your own. Your body starts to move outside your control. Images of a burning world, torn asunder, fill your vision.

NCU 250
Duration 1m 16.00s to 21h 6m 40.00s
Range 15m
Attack 0.01s
Atk Cap -
Recharge 0.01s
Chance of Break
Attack -
Debuff -
Spell Attack -
Attack Skills
[Stat]Bio Metamor128 34%
[Stat]Psycho Modi129 33%
[Stat]Sensory Impr122 33%
[Stat]Psychology162 16%
Defense Skills
[Stat]Nano Resist168 180%
Stat Value
None0 [F:NanoNoneFlag] NoRemoveNoNCUFriendly, NoResist, NotRemovable, IsBuff, IsDebuff, NoTimerNotify, NoTimeoutNotify1794304
Duration8 21h 6m 40.00s7600000
Can30 Flag CanFlag:0
Level54 250
ItemClass76 [E:ItemClass]None0
Icon79 39137
DefaultSlot88 0
MoreFlags177 [E:MoreFlag]6
EffectIcon183 39626
RechargeDelay210 0.01s1
GatherSound269 912787948
CastSound270 -1054245886
HitSound272 944884341
AttackRange287 15%
AttackDelay294 0.01s1
Slot298 0
HitEffectType361 43420
GatherEffectType366 49999
ExtendedTime373 1m 16.00s7600
NanoSchool405 [E:NanoSchool]Psi4
EffectType413 1011
TracerEffectType419 17100
CastEffectType428 46129
Use0 Effect
User2 [spell:53045:4](auto)Modify [Stat]Max Health1 1

Auno doesn't have this item.