Description This Blister Pack contains Pills with a cloud of nanobots representing the nano formula Coat of Barbs (Protects the target with a damage shield that inflicts a small amount of damage each time it is hit. This shield will also absorb the first 10 points of projectile-based damage that would otherwise be inflicted upon the target. However, the damage absorbing mechanism used is known not to work well with other methods used for absorbing damage.). These Pills have been 'hacked' by someone to lower the requirements to take them, and remove any profession restrictions. They are more unstable though...

Stat Value
None0 [F:ItemNoneFlag] Visible, ModifiedDescription, HasEnergy4194307
Mesh12 205017
Can30 [F:CanFlag] Carry, Use, Consume, ApplyOnFriendly2097193
Level54 2
Value74 0
ValueNonLinear-74 0
Icon79 20193
DefaultSlot88 0
MaxEnergy212 5
AttackRange287 20%
Slot298 0
Use3 Criteria
[Stat]Matter Crea130 >=2 17
[Stat]Matt.Metam127 >=2 17
Use0 Effect
Target3 [spell:53089:4](auto)100% chance to cast Coat of Barbs55812; no defense checks.
User2 [spell:53033:4](auto)Lock skill [Stat]Pharma Tech159 for 3m180.
Activate10 Effect
Self1 [spell:53028:4](def.)AddSkill [n:Amount t:1 i:0]3 [n:Skill t:111 i:0][Stat]Pharma Tech159 [n:C t:1 i:0]1
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